TAO Communications 10-Point Program

The following was the TAO Basis of Unity. It should be pointed out that this document is closely based on the Black Panther Party's 10 Point Program (and was adapted ~ 1999) The collective now operates as "OAT". Punching Out Press reprinted these demands for distribution as a 2-up flyer for photocopying on A4 page, during the #OccupyVancouver encampment in the fall of 2011. The document was also translated into greek.

"The TAO Collective is a local autonomous body based in Toronto, Canada which serves and associates with organized activists.

We organize in order to defend and expand public space and the right to self-determination. We create knowledge through independent public interest research, and distribute it freely through participatory education. We actively promote the establishment of worker-owned and operated autonomous zones. Under the belief that information should be free, we operate against capital or market-regulated forms of political, economic and cultural organization, and towards socially just, ecologically sound, international liberation. We advocate democratic exercise of the means of production to help achieve these beliefs. We also create tactical arts intended for such practical and inspirational application, as to encourage other autonomous groups and individuals to join us in our struggle for democracy. What follows are the agreed upon demands and beliefs of our federation, although not exclusively, or by any limitations:

1) We want freedom. We want the power to resist tyranny and inevitability. We believe in community based participatory democracy arising from direct action and public accountability. In this we believe that people will not be free until we are all able to effectively engage our society as equals in a process of voluntary co-operation. This process includes the freedom for everyone to become, belong, and just plain be, in a manner that does not violate the rights of others.

2) We want full employment and support for all people, engendering political, economic, and social egalitarianism. We believe that every person is inherently entitled to either full employment or a guaranteed income. We believe that the means of production should be placed in the hands of the people, so that communities are able to organize full employment, providing a responsible standard of living which sustainably tries to meet the needs of all people now and in the future.

3) We want an end to the robbery of our communities by capitalists. We believe that that the global ruling class and it's corporate economic entities have been built on plunder, pillage, conquest, and tyranny. We demand an end to economic slavery and dependence, with the cancellation of all debt, and restitution to be paid to all aboriginal and formerly colonized peoples.

4) We want free and decent housing, fit for the shelter of human beings. We believe that if the landowners and landlords will not freely give decent housing, then the land should be made into co-operatives, so that local communities, if necessary with aid, can build and take decent housing fit for their people.

5) We want free participatory education for all people that allows us to explore the diverse histories found in our cultures, and the diverse roles we all play in the present-day society. We believe in an education system that enables people to develop a knowledge of self within a participatory and democratic learning process that also allows and encourages the transcendence of self.

6) We want an end to all forms of war. We want all people exempt from military service. We believe that people should not be forced into military service, while also recognizing that people will protect themselves from violence and attack, by whatever means necessary. In this we support communities' efforts to organize self-defence groups to defend and protect their safety from the violence of the state.

7) We want an immediate end to the oppression and victimization of peoples at the hands of the state. We support and struggle with feminism, as well as aboriginal, black, queer, youth, human, and animal liberation struggles, including the valuation of elders. We are anti-ableist, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-ageist, anti-homophobic, anti- speciest, anti-authoritarian, and against neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism. We support the liberation of identity, and the right to self-determination.

8) We want freedom for all political prisoners, and a gradual abolition of all prisons, jails, and authoritarian mental-health institutions. We believe that the legal system is neither just, nor representative of the needs and demands of the people. We envision a society that employs community engagement rather than social ostracization in dealing with those most disaffected.

9) We want a justice system that resides in the communities it affects, responds to the needs of all within those communities, protects the inalienable human rights of all, and seeks resolution rather than revenge, equality rather than the protection of elite interests. We believe when all parties are represented, equally and fairly, as part of a due democratic process, that conflict resolution, aiming towards consensus, tends to sufficiently resolve crises, and leave all parties content. In this we admire and take as a model a number of aboriginal justice systems.

10) We want clean air, clean water, free universal access to all forms of media, health care, and public transportation, as well as the ability to produce and consume foods, herbs, and drinks, free of industrial toxins, pesticides, genetic engineering and manipulation. We believe that our environment and our interaction with and within it, determines not only our health and well-being, but our ability to participate as active members of our society."

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