Defining an Anarchist-Sociology: A Long Anticipated Marriage

New issue of the journal Theory in Action available today, includes this article by Dana M. Williams and Jeff Shantz...

ABSTRACT: There is no established intellectual tradition of an “anarchist- sociology”—yet. A vibrant synthesis of anarchism and sociology has yet to be generated, whether that synthesis would be mere subject matter or a subfield within Sociology, or if it were an established ideology or theoretical tradition. Here, we compare these two distinct traditions, with an eye towards potential overlap. A definition for anarchist-sociology rooted in praxis—a critique of society and a transformative vision of societies—is created. As anarchism has a strong—yet unfocused—sociological theme already, we focus on anarchizing the discipline of Sociology in-line with core anarchist values, namely freedom, anti-authoritarianism, direct action, mutual aid, and decentralization.

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