Letter to Cloverdale Reporter

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Re: "Outside activists in fore at SFPR protest camp," May 4

To the editor;

It is curious that in your report on the camp against the South Fraser Perimeter Road you chose to focus so heavily on personalities and the supposed identities of a few "activists" rather than the serious issues that brought so many people from diverse backgrounds together to oppose the road development. Indeed there are many social and environmental harms resulting from the freeway development.

The destruction of the environment, pollution, water contamination and land loss represent costs that will be borne by community members and nature, while private interests keep all the profits.

The Gateway project, of which the SFPR is a part, will see public funds used to assist land speculators, developers, multinational companies and the oil industry. Had you looked deeper you would have found a movement of local residents who have been trying to stop the road for years. The camp was simply one part of that organizing effort and efforts will no doubt continue with or without it.

Dr. Jeff Shantz

Kwantlen Polytechnic University