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Heterotopias of Toronto: The ‘Anarchist Free Space’ & ‘Who's Emma?’

by J.Shantz
excerpted from 'Active Anarchy: Political Practice in
Contemporary Movements' (Lexington, 2011)
[An earlier version of this chapter originally published in 'Living Anarchy', 2004. Also available as an A4 fold-over pamphlet for photocopy distro, created by Punching Out Press including artwork from various Who's Emma street artists.

TAO Communications 10-Point Program

The following was the TAO Basis of Unity. It should be pointed out that this document is closely based on the Black Panther Party's 10 Point Program (and was adapted ~ 1999) The collective now operates as "OAT". Punching Out Press reprinted these demands for distribution as a 2-up flyer for photocopying on A4 page, during the #OccupyVancouver encampment in the fall of 2011.

Radical Ecology & Class Struggle, a reconsideration

This was an essay from several years back, which was laid out in a short zine format by Zabalaza Books, in South Africa. Below, find an 'ebook preview' of a longer version with full bibliographical references, as published in Critical Sociology, Vol.30, Issue 3, 2004.

Black Blocs in Theory and Practice

[NB. This PDF is an earlier draft version of Chapter 2 in Jeff's book "Active Anarchy", which, although recently published, was actually written several years ago ~ 2003. We are re-posting it here now given the recent firestorm of debate over the bloc tactic.

The text is laid out in book format in the PDF attachment here. You can find the in-text citations in the Active Anarchy bibliography as well as end notes here. ]

Chapter 2
Black Blocs in Theory and Action

While sociologists have paid little attention to such unruly movements, criminologists have recently shown some interest in taking anarchism seriously as politics.

Re-Building Infrastructures of Resistance

Some reflections (from a few years back, relevant to building in the NOW) on bridging an insurrectionary moment with the future... Here is the text as PDF version. {Also available as a 6-page double-sided A4 foldover booklet for photocopying: PDF brochure } This article was published back then, in Socialism & Democracy (http://sdonline.org/50/re-building-infrastructures-of-resistance/) and also on Infoshop.org (2011):

"We need to be prepared not just intellectually but organizationally for radical struggles and transformation. Infrastructures of resistance serve as means by which people can sustain radical social change before, during and after insurrectionary periods."


Anarchy in the Unions: Contemporary Anarchists at Work

An article looking at anarchists' involvement in rank-and-file committees and flying squads in Canada.
[This article was laid out as an A4 fold-over pamphlet for photocopy distribution by Punching Out Press.]

[This article was published in Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society, September 2009 and on libcom.org]

‘Platformism’ and Organization

Jeff Shantz [was] a member of Punching Out-NEFAC (North-Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists) and lives in Toronto. This interview was conducted electronically and is based on Jeff’s article “‘Platformism’ and Organization” submitted to Upping the Anti in March 2005.

It appeared in the first issue of Upping the Anti as a 'roundtable': edited by Aidan Conway,
on 'The Question of Revolutionary Organization'
with Robbie Mahood, Jeff Shantz and Indu Vashist:

here's Jeff's part from that issue:

Syndicalism, Ecology and Feminism: Judi Bari’s Vision

Here is a PDF version to nicely print for photocopy distro designed November 2002, by Punching Out Press -- NOTE: The Toronto PO Box is no longer in service.]

As appeared in Common Voice 3, June 2005. Click here to read on their site, via the Internet Archive, from 2006).

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